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Visit to Lincoln Christ's Hospital School, UK

"Ms Sabita Seth and Ms Deepa Gupta from Khaitan Public School, India visit Lincoln Christ's Hospital School, UK"

Ms. Sabita Seth, Head (Sr. Wing) and Ms. Deepa Gupta (Social Science Teacher) made a 7 day (18th to 24th April, 2015) educational trip to Lincoln Christ Hospital School, U. K. This school is more than 100 years old and during World War I &II, this was converted into a hospital. It is a 100 year old school with 21st century modern architecture.

Purpose of visit : - To talk about Student Exchange Program and Teachers Exchange Programs. Schools visited:

  • Lincoln Christ Hospital School, U. K.
  • Monk Abbey Primary School.

Discussions and Teaching :

Met important functional heads and Principals (Head Mistress) Mr. Martin Mekeown, Mr. Chris Williams, Ex. Headmaster LCHS, at present associated with British Council, Mr. Patrick - Principal Finance Officer, Ms. Maria Robinson-HR Manager, Ms. Steller Mac- Deputy Child Protection, Mr. Mark - Head of Sixth Form, Mr. Dave Pape - Exams Administration, Ms. Anne Batty - Head of EAL, Ms. Catherine Forbes - Display and Promotions Manager etc. and initiated discussions regarding possibility of starting a Students Exchange Program between KPS and Lincoln school. Ms. Deepa Gupta took Classes in Grade VII and Grade V at Monk Abbey School, U.K. This school is from Nursery to Class VI. We met Mr. Simon Clark, Deputy Head Teacher and initiated discussions for Teachers Exchange program.

Ms. Charley, International Coordinator arranged few Class Observation sessions in Classes VI & VII and Classes X & XI for us. We observed that the sections are divided with high achievers in one section and students with average ability in the other. More emphasis is laid on students' participation and activity based teaching.

Stay at Teachers House

Ms. Sabita Seth stayed with Ms. Rebecca Rose, Dance Teacher and Ms. Deepa Gupta stayed with Ms. Sara, Science Teacher. It was a good experience to stay with them and understand their culture, eating habits and their way of living.

Visit to the cities:

Lincoln city is a beautiful place with wide roads, cottages with small gardens and car parking at entrances.

London visit :

It was great experience to visit London and see Big Ben, London Bridge, Statue of Sherlock, London Eye, Madam Tussaud and London markets to get a feel of the British culture. It was a good ride through the tube from Lincoln to London and back to Lincoln in the evening.

Observations done in Lincoln Christ Hospital School:

  • Reading Record : Teachers give main focus on reading skills in primary school, A reading record book is maintained by teachers which consists of regular feedback given by parents and teachers after each and every reading activity.
  • Geography Lab : The geography lab was very well organized and consisted of learning objectives mentioned on soft boards world map, atlas. Students' project word was also displayed.
  • Littering Stick : if a student misbehaves, he is given a littering stick for cleaning school premises.
  • Isolation : if a student does not behave properly. Teachers uses isolation room to make him understand and a teacher is there to guide him.
  • Class rooms : Walls of all the classrooms were full of information related to different subjects. Every class room has a wall clock which helps teachers and students in time management, a computer system along with smart board.
  • Self AssessmentChart : in each and every class, a self assessment chart is displayed. Students assess themselves and grade themselves.
  • English Conversations : A separate department is made for helping students those who can't speak English. Special classes are given to the parents also.