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THOTS - High Order Thinking

What is THOTS?

Learn to Play, Play to Think, Think to Learn.

THOTS Lab is a Games Based Learning (GBL) program pioneered by Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi to nurture Thinking Skills & Learning Ability of children aged 4-14 years. It focuses on direct development of thinking skills through its proprietary physical games and thinking tools without using any academic content. This makes the learning process through hands-on activities of THOTS games independent of socio-economic-cultural-academic background of the learners. Thus, creating an equal opportunity for all to learn and benefiting each learner to develop various Higher Order Thinking Skills for academic performance as well as real-life application & challenges.


THOTS Classes are delivered as a part of the KPS timetable, once every week, conducted by trained ‘THOTS Facilitators’ who call children as THOTS Friends. Each THOTS lesson is learner-centric, real-life focused and delivered in a learner-induced environment. Learners engage in game experiences through a progressive sequence of success-failure-success situations. This design makes the experiential learning process quantified to predefine outcomes and assess thinking development after every intervention.

To identify specific development areas for each child, annual customized child specific report is generated. Every quarter workshops are conducted by learners themselves for the parents & school faculty members to make the learning and its outcome transparent to all the influencers around the learner.