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The Arts and Culture at Khaitan

Cultural Dance

We believe Art is the source of creativity in life, it is a form of expression which has to originate from heart and pour out as a flow of emotions. Culture helps you understand art, and opens you to a new world full of varied dance forms, music styles, singing patterns, musical instruments, visual arts, performing arts and much more.

We believe in a passionate new world living a meaningful life full of happiness and celebrations.

The goals of Arts and Culture at Khaitan:

  • Fostering Creativity and Out-of-the-box Thinking
  • Inspiring Expression and Confidence
  • Instilling and honing Artistic Skills
  • Infusing Passion for Supreme Happiness


"The body says what dance cannot."
-Martha Graham

We speak of culture as simplifying all round development of human faculties. It has been said, 'Science is the curiosity of life, Art is the wonder at life, Philosophy is the attitude towards life and Religion is the reverence for life.' True culture includes all these four aspects and a cultured man ought to show development along all these four lines. It is therefore obvious that education in aesthetics is as essential if not more, than mere intellectual or physical education. A child can never be balanced unless his emotions are trained and developed. Here comes the need for introducing performing arts in our educational curriculum as a compulsory subject.

Keeping the gradual growth of a child in mind, we have made a curriculum which helps a child in understanding dance better. In classes Nursery and LKG we introduce the child to the world of dance through rhythm, counting, beats, movements, aerobics, etc.

In Classes I to III, every child is introduced and trained in Kathak for 3 years.

In Classes IV and V, the student gets trained in Bharatnatyam.

Class VI onwards, since the child is ready to opt for whichever stream he likes, we train them in Western Dance, Bharatnatyam or Kathak (as per their choice) till Class XII.

Classical Dance
western Dance

Western Dance

Khaitan Public School believes in diversity, and thus we lay emphasis on all forms of dances. We teach Western or Bollywood Dance, which includes Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Ballet to our students from all 3 wings. Our majestic dance instructors bring in pure joy, and playful activities when teaching different forms of Western Dance to their students.

Classical Dance

It is a form of vibration of our body and mind. It is a form of worship through which a dancer can reach the Almighty. It is a form of Yoga. A dancer can only reach this stage through conscious training. i.e. Sadhana. Classical Dance is the art form which teaches the child the true meaning of Sadhana - the combination of discipline, patience, aesthetic sense and spirituality. The children of KPS are privileged to receive this holistic training enriching their lives.

Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad, is the acme of India Classical Dance with national fame Bharatanatyam dancer Ms. Anusuya Banerjee leading the torch from front. Kathak and Bharatanatyam are taught in the school at a younger age and thus has contributed to the evolution of many young Indian Classical student dancers from KPS over the years.

Classical Dance


music band

If we would listen carefully, every beat in this world, every single wave that vibrates on our eardrums, is a music in itself. We call it noise, but that's our perception, our way of looking at it! Such musical vibrations can be enhanced, lyrically, melodically, and in pattern, to form a good and soothing music, which we listen everyday in our daily lives!

We listen to music on television, on radio, on our smartphones, on laptop, while taking a shower, eating food, driving car, traveling in metro, and during celebrations. Music is an integral part of our life, and without any doubt, music has the capability to become a catalyst in your work, and life as a whole.

We, at Khaitan Public School, considers music to be a necessary part of the learning process of a young child. If learnt carefully, it can become a medium to flow of your emotions, whether explosive or peaceful, whether apathetic or celebratory.

In Junior Wing, Sangeet4all is the comprehensive curriculum for music with a playful touch. In Middle Wing and Senior Wing, different Vocal classical styles, western singing styles, Indian Classical Instrumental music, percussion and western instrumental music are taught.

KPS provides a platform to the children to appear for different level exams of Prayag Sangeet Samiti and Trinity College of Music, London as well.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is an inspiration, a medium to run wild with your imagination, and a way of meditation for the artist. This is another focus area in the Arts and Culture at Khaitan. The two major subjects under Visual Arts are Painting and Sculpture making.



Colors and shapes are the first things that are taught to a toddler in a school so that the kid can understand life around him. Painting is simply the adult version of colorplay. A kid is first taught to draw and paint geometrical forms, then human figure, then the focus is on creativity and individual creativity. Portraits, human figures, natural scene, subject painting, daily life and more depending on the creativity.

Wall Painting
Canvas Painting - Acrylic

Sculpture Making

Sculpture Making is one of the focus areas of Visual Arts at Khaitan Public School. The national fame artist, Sculptor Ravi Prakash with Annual State Award from Lalit Kala Academy,Lucknow in his pocket, and many famous sculptures as his artwork displayed at many national galleries, he is the pillar of Sculpture making at Khaitan. The focus area in Sculpture making is Clay Modeling, but Relief Work (cement art) and Wire Installation work are given equal importance in the school.

building Sculptures



Theatre is another form of expression and art that is given utmost importance at Khaitan Public School starting from the Pre-Primary classes. In Junior Wing and Middle Wing , theatre is a co-curricular activity as a part of the Dramatics Club. We aim at the personality development of the students, instilling confidence in them through theatrical skills. It is a medium of expression that shapes our students into creative and informed human beings, both to the society and the world.

We at K.P.S not only aspire our students to become good actors but good artists too. That is why we teach the basics like voice clarity, facial expressions and take part in concentration activities. Children learn dialogue delivery, skit development and become proficient in writing short scripts.