To bring out the leader in
each and every child of
our learning community.

Top School of Delhi (NCR)

What is I-LEAD?

I-LEAD is a leadership program for 3300 strong community of Khaitanians. It is here to make a leader out of you, to churn the chemicals flowing in your brain and to provide you the basics for having a successful life by becoming a leader.

Our Vision is to inspire each child to become a self-directed and principled learner, who is capable of leading himself to accomplish great heights.

The I-LEAD journey began on September 23, 2015 and is on a roll today.

What do we do?

  • We make leaders.

Foundation Principles of I-LEAD

The 7 Habits Trees

5 Principles of I-LEAD

2 Being Principle Centred

Model to Lead

Reflective Practice

Shared Vision and Commitment to Growth

Team Work

Our Initiatives

Champ Fiesta

Champ Fiesta is a monthly luncheon of selected students with Mr. Anirudh khaitan, Vice Chairman, Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad. The wow factor with this event is that the core student team of I-LEAD is totally responsible for organizing this event, thus leading from front.

Classroom Initiatives

There are three main classroom initiatives under I-LEAD:

1. Getting In The Zone (GITZ)
2. Class Leaders
3.Greeters Activity

Mosaic Workshop

I-LEAD recently organized a 20 day Mosaic Workshop with Mr Kanika aka Mini Mason. Students worked tirelessly to build beautiful mosaic work on 9 inner walls of Khaitan Public School.

Clay Modelling Workshop

Clay Modeling Workshop was another initiative under I-LEAD’s attempt to nurture leadership skills in young students. It was also a Parent Child workshop organized to involve parents in Child activities and increase the bond of a parent and child.

7 Habits Drive

7 Habits is a grand initiative of I-LEAD, aiming to incorporate the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People developed by Stephen Covey in all Khaitanians, from teachers to administrative staff, students to school management. Several effective workshops and trainings have been organized in time to teach the importance of 7 habits to everyone at Khaitan Public School.

Author's meet

Imagine Christopher C. Doyle sitting in front of you, talking about his book "Mahabharata's Secret" and laying down the secrets of writing a novel on your doorstep. That is Author's Meet for you! I-LEAD Core team believes that meeting authors of your favorite books is more than important than going to Disney Wonderland for a young student, and it also brings in the bug of curiosity among those who haven't read those novels before. Thus, informative session and the bug of reading: perfect session for a young chap!

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