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Speaking and Debating

Good Communication Skills are a necessary ingredient for the recipe to create the finest leaders of the world. It is more necessary in today's multilingual world which is getting shorter day by day due to immense progress by science and technology. Today, English has emerged as an international language considered as the primary means of verbal and written communication throughout the world. Thus, we, at Khaitan Public School, focus on English speaking, debating, and writing. We have been determined to make our students good English speakers, writers, and readers. Many measures and initiatives have been taken to achieve the feat.

But does the world stop at English? No. English is just one of the 5 National/International languages taught at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad.

Public Speaking & Debate Club (English)

The aim of the Public Speaking and Debate Club is to inculcate a fondness for English language among students. It enhances their rhetorical skills so that they can present ideas creatively and artistically and imbibe a sense of confidence. The club focuses on encouraging students to become confident orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills. To extensively promote communication skills of students and help in teamwork, ability to speak and emote before an audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students.

Public speaking and debate club

English Speaking Initiative

Conversing in English is compulsory at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad. Those teachers and students who don't comply by this rule have to pay a hefty fine. Regular inspections as well as surprise inspections are conducted by Mr Khaitan himself and it is made sure that rules are followed with much strictness.

Creative Campaigns have been run throughout the session to make this drive a success and the results have been more than fruitful so far.

English communiation

Cultural Exchange with World Countries

Many Cultural Exchange programs have been run by Khaitan Public School for the benefit of our students. One such cultural exchange program was the Dubai Trip of Khaitanians.

A 5 night 6 days trip was organized to the land of dreams Dubai. 32 students and 5 teachers started the trip on 27th September to 2nd October. They visited the tallest building in the world Burj khalifa, Dubai museum, city tour, Jumeirah beach, Dubai mall. They visited Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi to experience the world's fastest ride. They also enjoyed the Dubai aquarium where they enjoyed a unique experience of boating inside the aquarium. The Dhow cruise and Safari introduced them to life in the desert. The local shopping at means bazaar was a great hit with both teachers and students. They learned much about the culture and traditions of Dubai.

Cultural Exchange with World Countries

Debating and Declamation Society (Senior Wing)

Language learning is all about hearing, speaking, reading and writing. The art of debating emerges out of these four skills and is an integrated expression of all the four. Debates happen when one has assimilated one's mastery of the aforesaid skills fruitfully and comprehensively. Debating and declamation help us practise and demonstrate our critical thinking skills as well. Debates foster the ability of careful and patient listening. Declamation help us learn the art of powerful presentation of our thoughts. Together they hone our communication skill which is so necessary for growth in the modern competitive world. Needless to say, debating and declamation are a necessary part of the student's language learning experience. Together these two vouchsafe to a student a confident personality, multifaceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines and an eagerness to learn new things.

"KPS Debating and Declamation Society" has been set up to foster the growth of communication skills in our students. The students meet every Wednesday after the school hours to debate various social, national and international topics. The topics include issues that pertain to the students, their lives and issues relevant to them. The Debating Society has twenty five members drawn largely from classes IX-XI. The Debating Society has been set up by Mr. Alexander Francis, HOD English at Khaitan Public School. He facilitates the meetings and acts as the animator for the group.

Debating and Declamation Society Senior Wing

Reading and Writing

Blog - Konnectrella

Konnectrella, a blog of Khaitan Public School was formed in March, 2016 with the aim of involving students to write the best content on internet. It is a platform for students and teachers to express themselves, to make the world read their opinion.

The blog is well curated and also a way for students to learn the right techniques of writing, and to grow as a good writer, a skill much required and appreciated in the modern world.

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Yearbook is an annual magazine of Khaitan Public School, published every year in the month of July. Yearbook, as always, provides a platform for students to write their views and best write ups get the chance to be published in the yearbook.

Year book

Reading Club

Reading club gives an opportunity to students to develop their reading comprehension and listening skills while attaining proficiency in the language (English). Our club periods come to life with discussion, enactment, dialogue, quiz, treasure hunt and more. Students also get to enhance their social skills in a relatively informal setting. They look forward to being a part of a gamut of activities based on books each year. This club debuted last year and has already become one of the favourites of the students.

Languages and debate club

Literary Club

Literature is like a mirror in which we see the reflection of the culture, language and customs of a particular age. The literary work of the great authors gives us a glimpse of their age. The literary club not only endeavours to make the students familiar with the eternal classics but also, will make a conscious effort to enhance their communication skills through activities like debate, extempore, JAM, story-telling, role play and many more.

Literary Club