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A Message by the Headmaster

Mr. Anand Kumar

Mr. Anand Kumar (Headmaster, Senior Wing)

"Education is not only a tool for the development of individuals, communities and nations. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and it emboldens the youth to chase their dreams"

-Nita Ambani

The mission of Khaitan Public School is to empower children by discovering leadership in each of them and make them productive and committed citizens, who could bring humanitarian changes in the world. Khaitan teaching fraternity nurtures these qualities quite jealousy as the Gospel truth.

We, educators being facilitators, have always encouraged every child to develop in their special field of interest. We have realised the fact that every student does not have the same talent and so each one will achieve success differently.

KPS promotes and encourages children to take part in their areas of interest through various E.C.A, Sports and Co-curricular activities at inter-school, district, state and national levels.

Session 2016-17 was a milestone in various ways. Our children, who appeared at the Board examination, have excelled not only in Trans-Hindon area but also in our district. They have also manifested their mettle at JEE, PMT, KVPY, NTSE etc. and have won laurels at various national and states level sport events and in various co-curricular areas.

In session 2017-18, our school has taken various steps to implement International and National best teaching & learning practices. Additionally, we have now collaborated with AQS for the overall development in school with special focus on creating academic rigour in our school. The objective behind the above mentioned steps is to ensure the "Process of smooth learning" among our children and to prepare them for a strong future.

As a member of Khaitan teaching fraternity, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our school management, the Education Director, dedicated members of the senior teaching faculty, distinguished parents and dear children for their support in the smooth progress of the academic journey in this session too.

Ability Section for Competitive Exams

Believing in the dictum that excellence is not incidental but assiduously cultivated we have innovated an enrichment programme for our specially gifted students. Passing under the nomenclature of 'The Ability Section', it caters for the creation of a separate section for those gifted students and provides for continuous teaching & assessment. Students are systematically selected for this section through a Selection Test. The basic motive of forming this section is to impart quality & competitive education under the able guidance of subject experts for various exams like NTSE, OLYMPIADS, JEE (MAINS & ADVANCED), AIPMT & various other national level entrance exams. In this era of close and comprehensive competition, one has to be prepared and has to stay ahead of the curve so as to outshine any competition whatsoever. This revolutionary system imparts to the students' double preparedness. Apart from being prepared for the traditional CBSE Board examination, they are rigorously trained to compete at the various entrance exams to all the prestigious professional courses in India.

Ability Section for Competitive Exams

This results in economy of time, effort and money. As the preparation of the competitive exams takes place in-house, they, like the students of other preparatory institutions, do not have to compromise on various curricular and co-curricular activities which are so essential for their holistic growth. This unique approach enables KPS to keep intact its stated mission of preparing able, responsible, humanitarian and tech-savvy global citizens. Our "Ability" sections (only for classes IX-XII) are formed purely on the basis of merit and we have, in each class, only a few seats which are allotted on first cum first serve basis.

Entrepreneurship Programme

Entrepreneurship Program

"The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are in schools today!"

Life is a limitless saga of challenges, risks and rewards. An enterprising person is best fit to face such challenges and reap such rich bounty from the field of life. Education at Khaitan being holistic, entrepreneurship is considered an essential quality to be developed in the students. To meet the same end, we conduct an entrepreneurship drive every year to prepare our students to take on the struggle of life more meaningfully, with information and with the right mindset. We also have a secondary goal of rousing the entrepreneur in each of our students.

The Programme trains them, through learning while doing, how to build a team and how to work collaboratively. This imparts a practical training in meeting customers and satisfying their demands.

The students learn to organize business processes and how to administer them. They also get a hands on experience of handling finances, making budgets and making profits. The programme helps students of Class XI to recognize opportunities in their life and pursue such opportunities by generating new ideas and marshalling necessary resources. They should be able to create and operate a new venture and be able to recognize the feasibility of their ideas and ventures in a realistic situation.

Entrepreneurship Programme follows a unique methodology that consists of activities, simulation exercises, discussions, audio/video, real life experiences sharing and role plays. Students get to work on their ideas, create business plans and meet entrepreneurs.

The students were super enthusiastic about the Entrepreneurship Program 2017 and collectively worked with their peers to achieve goals. Marketing together, meeting the wholesalers and haggling with them was a novel experience for them.

Everyday students and teachers could be seen thronging the stalls put up by the students of Class XI in the first half of the day. There were stalls of food items, trinkets, sun-glasses, small candles and stationery. Some of the students had even put up stalls for games. Needless to say, the students did great business and it resulted in stiff competition between teams. It was an important lesson in decision making for many of them. Some of them realized that their appetite for taking risk had gone up.

Life Skills Programme

life skills

Life Skills enable students to be adaptive and to exhibit positive behaviour. They help individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Life Skills being major indicators in judging the overall performance of the students as per the new evaluation pattern of CBSE are of prime concern to all of us at KPS.

The school endeavours to inculcate the same by organizing various activities. A special life skill programme has been charted for the students of class IX, which is of 12 hours duration covered in over 8 sessions in 6 weeks in the school premises. These sessions cover core life skills as laid down by the WHO. There is a mix of activities, simulations, role plays, interactive discussions and audio-visuals. The key areas covered under the program include self-reflection, goal setting, breaking mental barriers, listening skills, managing emotions, managing relationships and leadership.

This programme helps students to inculcate self-discipline, resistance to negative peer pressure and positivity in children. It also helps in strengthening 'Child- parent relationship'.

Leadership Camp

World over every company is looking for job seekers who have a high emotional quotient and have high leadership quality. It is believed that only such a person can be balanced in his/her interactions and behaviour. It is also believed that only such people can effectively contribute to a company and to the society at large. In order to give our students an early start in this direction,every year a two day leadership camp is held for the students of Class IX and the Prefectorial Board in the school campus. The camp modules include interactive sessions on personal effectiveness, time and stress management, empathy, communication skills, leadership, physical endurance etc. It helps the students to realize their inner potential & helps them to lead and manage teams. The activities also help them to manage time, solve problems & take decisions.


This year the camp commenced with a session by the HeadMaster setting ground rules and providing a general introduction of the participants. This was followed by a workshop on personal effectiveness was by Ms. Emlin Clement and a session on team bonding organized by Ms Anandita & Ms. Bhumika from CCD. Thereafter a session on "7 qualities of leadership" was conducted by Ms. Pooja from Times of India. The second day of the camp saw the participants practising yoga and meditation.The students were excited to participate in a physical endurance contest. The icing on the cake came in the form of a session on "Systems Thinking" conducted by the Education Director Ms. Geeta Varshneya.

The two day programme culminated with the prize distribution ceremony. 'Akshit Pradhan' (Class XI E) was named "The Camp Idol" and was awarded with a refrigerator.

International Award for Young People

international award

The Award programme was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956 as The Duke Edinburgh's Award. It is also known as International Award for Young People.The award is now spread in 144 countries including India. Participants must be between the ages of 14 and 25 years. The basic philosophy behind constituting the award is the recognition of the fact that all learning can never happen in the classroom. Challenges of real life and sports life situations are mandatory for students to become committed, responsible and fulfilled citizens of the world. This award equips young people for life regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests. Doing the Award is a personal challenge and not a competition against others.

The basic structure of The Award Programme consists of four mandatory sections: Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills and Physical Recreation. KPS has started International Award for Young People and has opted for a silver award meant for those who are 15 years of age.

Guest Speaker Programme

Frequent workshops and seminars are conducted on career guidance and effective future planning for the students, headed by inspirational orators from varied backgrounds like Doctors, Pilots, Educationists, other motivational speakers and from NGOs. GSPs is conducted for the students of classes IX - XII many times throughout the academic session.

guest speaker


The modern state of the art library at Khaitan Public School boasts of a collection of more than 18,000 books with a hi-tech computer lab. It also boasts of a resource centre for teachers and students.


Study Camp

Khaitan Public School organized its first Study Camp in the month of August for two consecutive days i.e. from 12/08/2017 to 13/08/2017. It was organized by the headmaster of the Senior Wing on the recommendation of many subject teachers. It was especially conducted for the students who were facing problems in several topics and chapters of the particular subjects of class X and class XII. The concept behind this camp was to promote self-learning among the students and to encourage them to study and work hard to pass their exams confidently and with excellent grades. The camp was distributed in 3 cycles of particular subjects. And each cycle includes two sections, first section was the time in which teacher explained a particular topic and the second section was only for the worksheets shared by teachers with students.

Classes in the first cycle stretched up to 2.5 hours. Students were asked to do the worksheets shared with them in second cycle in a stipulated time. This created a competitive environment in the class. Same session happened twice in a day with a short break after every 5 hours. The entire session was supervised by teachers and parents of the students who were there in the study camp. It was also a great way to tell the parents how their wards should study.

"As the head of academics of Senior Wing, it was a challenging to organize the study camp, especially because most teachers say that students are not sincere and they are not giving proper time for self studies. But this session proved us wrong about our students. After this session, I can proudly say that our students are more focused and are more enthusiastic towards their studies. The only thing they need is proper guidance, suitable environment and proper motivation." said the Headmaster Mr. Anand Kumar at the conclusion of the camp.

This session has increased the will power among the students and they more confident, this session has motivated everyone so much that everyone's expectation has gone to the apex level and are looking forward for the excellent result of 2018 batch of class X and class XII.

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