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Vice-Chairman's Message

The Khaitan Group has been shouldering education with pride for the last 40 years. With over 12,000 children under their able management, we are in the process of what we like to call "Nation Building".

Parents have time & time again put their trust in us to educate their children and we in turn are inspired and touched by the faith they repose in us. This has been highly instrumental in setting and achieving milestones and benchmarks, towards creating an institution of excellence!

My Grandmother, Mrs. Draupadi Khaitan (Founder of all Khaitan Schools), always believed that "It is the right of every boy and girl to attain quality education that would enable them to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambition".

Education is not merely academics, but an experience of sorts. I believe in the journey, not the destination alone. At KPS our goal is to make sure that when a Child, a Teacher or a Worker at KPS, leave school for the day, they would have learnt something valuable. KPS believes in a much larger definition of success wherein the process is enjoyable and treated with sanctity, not merely as a chore that needs to be forcefully completed. As Aristotle rightfully claimed, "We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit".

My Vision is to make ever y person associated with KPS acquire the Habit of Learning because I strongly believe, if we can inculcate in you the joy of learning, we would have achieved our goal and fulfilled our mission.

When you put your child in KPS, you should expect him or her to come out as A Thinking, Confident, Compassionate and a Patriotic individual who will partake in the most important task of Nation Building.

Khaitna Public School Vice Chairman

Mr. Anirudh Khaitan, Vice Chairman