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Bibox is a tech program offered by Khaitan Public School to its students. It is Open, Scalable, and Fun and goes well with 21st century educational frameworks. It gives a comprehensive, practical exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


Bibox Kit

In a Bibox Class, students are provided with a Bibox Kit which includes a tablet with a mobile application Bisoft, Robotics Kit with a panel, LED, and various other devices, a Bibox book, and other requirements such as graph paper, sheets, etc. There are two instructors in each Bibox class to help students think, create and achieve their technical projects.

bibox kit
think create plug and play

A Day at a Bibox Class

It was 8th February, Monday and the day had just began for me, but kids had already had their 15 min brunch before 10 AM in the morning. I reached class IV �E� at 10:05 AM, exactly at the time of their third Bibox class, knocked on the door, and was about to take permission of the Bibox instructor to sit with the students for the on-going period, but a chorus of �Good morning, sire!� sounded to my ears and I immediately asked all the students to take their seat, typically unhabitual of going to classes and getting huge respect by students.

a day at bibox class
bibox banner

Bibox Innodome, 2016

Bibox Innodome is an exhibition that is organized every year at the end of academic session. Students from various classes display their many projects that they worked on under Bibox throughout the year. Projects such as Smart Village, Automatic Pulley System for Wells, Multipurpose Tractor, Smart City, Automated Street Lights, Automated Lift, Signal Free Road for Ambulance, Cafe with Order Management System, and Home Automation were exhibited in Bibox Innodome, 2016.