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Sports played at Khaitan Public School


With a cricket ground, three practice nets, and a bowling machine, Khaitan Public School provides the best cricketing facilities to their students in the entire Delhi NCR.



Football fever is high among young students and Khaitan Public School has made sure they are provided all facilities to excel in the sports. With a football field in the sports complex and individual kits, our school football is one of the best in Delhi NCR.



With 2 Skating Rinks and 3 types of Skating (Adjustable, Quad, and Inline) being taught at Khaitan Public School, we can proudly say that we are one of the best schools in Uttar Pradesh for Skating.



With international shooting arena in the baggage, Khaitan Public School proudly boasts of 5 State Level Student Shooting Champions, and a Gold Medalist Shooting Coach.


Lawn Tennis

2 Synthetic Lawn Tennis Courts and One Clay Tennis Court shows the commitment of Khaitan Public School to promote Lawn Tennis at all levels in the school.


Basket Ball

Khaitan Public School has one of the best basketball players in the country, which is evident by the fact that Indian national women team�s captain studies at Khaitan. We have many basketball practice arena and 2 synthetic basketball courts.



Half Olympic Size Swimming Pool which becomes the centre of activity in summers is another proof of the commitment of Khaitan Public School to establish international sports standards in the school premises.


Water Park

There is no other beautiful sight than watching young students having fun in the water park during summers.

water park

Martial Arts

Martial Arts is another highlight of sports at Khaitan Public School. Many young boys and girls take classes every year for self defense.

martial Arts


Yoga is a part of Khaitan community. We believe Yoga purifies mind and soul. It brings in new energy, a sense of peace, and keeps the body healthy.



Kabaddi is one of the most loved games played for enjoyment, laughter, and happiness. It also teaches teamwork, and tests the strength and presence of mind of a student.



Badminton is one of the most played sports at Khaitan Public School. With one synthetic Badminton Court in the school premises, it is popular among students.



A Billiards table in the Indoor Games Room has always made students curious, and all students always try their hand at the interesting sport of Billiards.



Despite a lot of other sports that can be played in the school premises, Carrom still remains one of the most favorite indoor games for students. The game is easily understandable and challenges every student to perform best in it in front of their peers.



Chess is the game of the intelligent. It is a game that always look easy, but a lot of strategy goes into winning it. Once a student realizes that a player needs to think about a number of steps ahead in the game, it becomes more interesting and difficult to play with masters of the game.


Table Tennis

Table Tennis is both a pastime for students and a sport which is taken very seriously by students. Two girls of our school, Tarushi and Tavishi Bansal have proved their mettle in the sport throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh and in India.



With more than 7.5 acre art of the state Sports Complex, athletics is given equal significance at Khaitan Public School like other schools. Many athletic events are organized throughout the year in the school premises and each sport within athletic is played by students.