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THOTS - High Order Thinking

What is THOTS?

The traditional education system primarily focused on the methods of teaching, largely influenced by Behavioural Science and based on the assumption that effective learning is a matter of a 'conditioned response'. A child is internally not motivated to the process of learning but extrinsically, defined by only 'successes' and 'failures'.

In reality, the learning happens only when there is an intrinsic reward for acquiring knowledge, understanding and experience. The teachers of 'THOTS Program' function as 'facilitators' of learning by providing an environment where students search for meaning, appreciate uncertainty, inquire responsibly and draw inferences for their higher growth.

THOTS at Khaitan Public School

Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad has introduced THOTS program for the students of Classes III to V.

It's all about learning the experiential way. At 'Thots Lab' children learn to solve their problems. Thots Lab is a new concept that provides children with thinking tools and lays stress on experiential learning.

Through engagement, encouragement and age appropriate experiences and experiments the children are exposed to 17-20 different physical Thinking Tools in a year like Hypothesis, Sequencing, Extrapolating, Visualizing, Focusing, Observing, Referencing, Questioning & Integrating.