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International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

IPC Culmination (Class I)

Class I celebrated IPC culmination on the theme 'WE ARE WHAT WE EAT'. Students shared valuable information about the topic .They spoke about the various types of food that people eat, sources of food, taste buds, good eating habits etc. The little ones performed with ease and the audience cherished every moment of it. In the end, students gave an electrifying dance performance. It was an awe-inspiring day.

IPC Culmination (Class II)

Class II celebrated IPC Culmination on the theme 'All Dressed Up'. Students proudly exhibited their work related to the theme. Each and every child participated in the culmination. They astutely showed different dance forms of India, International and National outfits etc. Overall, it was a great show.

IPC Culmination (Class III)

IPC culmination was organized by the students of Class III on the 'Theme Temple Tombs Treasures and our Earth'. Three section of Class III gave a presentation on different Egyptian gods. They also demonstrated compassion between the Indus- Valley and ancient Egyptian civilization through a PPT. The students innovatively depicted the hierarchy of the pharaohs.

Beautiful songs and rhymes were also presented by the students on Landforms. Continents and Natural Resources in which they showcased their performance and participated enthusiastically